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Persia Mines South

Limestone Anguran

Limestone Anguran mine in the North West city of Bandar Abbas and the mine is located 7 kilometers north of the Anguran village.

Limestone Anguran in terms of quality has high quality. The percentage of impurities and disturbing elements in the sample tested is very low which makes this mineral is more valuable and more useful.

As the limestone is one of the important requirements of the steel industry. Anguran mine like Hormozgan Steel Company is the nearest area to the steel industry.

Near the area of the "shahid Rajai" pier, which is the country's largest economic center and an important factor in reducing transportation costs and more economical and reduce the cost of the current project is mine.
Adjacent to the mine with salt Anguran operator makes it possible for the addition of limestone to lime and Makadm carcass using salt dome complex to produce lime and salt (Svdaash) welcomes.


Persia Mines South


Stone Anguran

Position mine is in 70 km West of Bandar Abbas and near by anguran village. Access to the area by asphalt road shahid bahonar- taziyan is possible.
The mine is located in the vicinity of the anguran limestone mine. Because of the proximity of the mine to anguran limestone Part of mineral extraction in the mine will be transferred to seed And part of the rubble produced by Armour, filter core for the pier and breakwater construction is suitable for the market.
The volume of operations and waterfront development in Hormozgan has increased the importance of this mineral.
advantage of anguran mine is Close to the main road, allowing easy portability and proximity to Port martyr Rajai is mine.





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Radish mixed Gchine

The study area, 30 kilometers West of Bandar Abbas and Bandar Abbas road - Gchine and on the east side of the salt dome Gchine.
The range of functions and Bandar Abbas is located 3 km from the village Boostano.
The mine currently has a few thousand tons of mineral exploitation license for depot is available at the mine site.
Major radish mixture extracted from the mine road and infrastructure. The advantage of this proximity to the waterfront martyr Rajai Mining Contractor Company for Roads and .Buildings and high volume operations and road construction in the provinc

Persia mines south



Chinese stone Hassan Abad and buye

Chinese mines Hassan Abad and buye at 218 km North East of Bandar Abbas and is located 20 kilometers north of East gardens.
Now mine has 3 chest and several tons of mineral extraction at the mine site as a depot are available.
Karbrdmdh Chinese stone building is the rock of this mineral can be used to produce stone powder or micronized powder can also be used.
If you turn the mineral into metal powder filler in the production of asphalt in various industries such as fertilizer, building industry, pesticides, paint, rubber and frequently used.
The demand for this mineral in European countries is increasing and the majority of industrialized countries are applying for this mineral.
If implemented, this plan it sent to the Persian Gulf and from there to European countries sent.


Persia mines south



Gypsum half work

Half is mine 70 kilometers West of Bandar Abbas and 6 kilometers from the village is located half.
This range is certified figure arriving license is issued it is. High quality mineral, mining activities range from the purely economic point of view is justified.


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Stone semi-Business

The study area is located 75 kilometers West of Bandar Abbas-paste on the road is located. Access road through Bandar Abbas-mine area is possible.
Calcareous stone found in the area is suitable for the following projects due to growing projects in Bandar Abbas, the mineral of high value.
The mine operation is licensed.


Persia mines south



Radish mixed Bostanu

The study area in the south of the province and at 40 kilometers from Bandar Abbas on the route Gchine-Bandar Abbas is located and functions. The closest village to the desired range Boostano village is located 5 kilometers from the mine. Gchine salt dome is located south of registration.
The main mineral in this mountain range are mixed. Mining exploration licenses issued from the Industries and Mines Organization of Hormozgan province is now the administrative cycle for issuing certificates of deposit discovered and is being pursued in the near future exploration license mixture of mountain Boostano is issued.
Due to the large construction projects such as bridges, buildings, concrete and road construction in the province's mineral extraction is justified. A qualitative study Boostano radish mixture of aggregation, which is a good quality parameter causes the value of the mineral.




Persia mines south



Limestone High KESHAR

Exploration area about 60 kilometers from Bandar Abbas and Bandar Abbas in the mine is located.
The divisions of geology, the area Zagros folded zone on 1: 250000 map of Bandar Abbas has been division.
Gulf countries, China and India as major consumers of this mineral is that it provides.
Another positive aspect of the mine's proximity to major consumers such as Hormozgan Steel is limestone



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In addition to technical services and engineering company, has 9 mines in the province is that of this number, 3 mining has exploration license1 Mining has Discovery license and 5 mining has utilization license in the near future all mine will reach full operation.

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